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Daily Lesson Log List

These are daily topics or daily lesson plan you can use up in class. Feel free to browse topics that are applicable to you.

Daily Lesson Log – Language Grade 4 (39 items)

First Quarter download

  1. Proper, Common, Count and Mass Nouns
  2. Correct Capitalization
  3. Suffixes in Abstract Nouns
  4. Concrete Nouns
  5. Gender of Nouns
  6. Plural Form of Regular Nouns
  7. Plural / Singular Forms of Irregular Nouns
  8. Appositive Phrases
  9. Direct Address in Sentences
  10. Present and Past Form of Irregular Verbs

Second Quarter

  1. Correct Form of Verbs to use in Sentences
  2. Arranging Words Alphabhetically
  3. Pronoun – Antecedent
  4. Cases of Pronouns
  5. Objective Case of Pronouns
  6. Personal Pronouns in Objective Case
  7. Personal Pronouns in Possessive Case
  8. Personal Pronouns in Possessive Case
  9. Indefinite Pronouns (and correct verb to use)

Third Quarter

  1. Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions
  2. Order of Adjectives
  3. Adverbs of Place and Time
  4. Prepositions (Simple and Compound)
  5. Prepositional Phrases

Fourth Quarter download

  1. Identifying Grammatical Errors in Declarative Sentences
  2. Using Periods
  3. Turning Yes-No Questions into Statements
  4. Using Proper Punctuation Marks in Sentences
  5. Interrogative and Imperative Sentences
  6. Creating Questions from Statements
  7. Kinds of Sentences According to Use
  8. Using Correct Punctuation in Sentences
  9. Making Exclamatory Sentences from Situations
  10. Sentence Patterns
  11. Subject and Predicate in Sentences

Final Quarter

  1. Order of Sentences (Natural and Inverted)
  2. Types of Verbs (Action, Linking, Helping)
  3. Subjects and Verbs
  4. Voice of Verbs (Active and Passive)

Daily Lesson Log – Language Grade 5 (32 items)

First Quarter

  1. Simple Tenses of Verbs
  2. Modals
  3. Coordinating Conjunctions
  4. Correlating Conjunctions
  5. Correlative Conjunctions
  6. Subordinating Conjunctions
  7. Subordinate – Correlative Conjunctions
  8. Combination of Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions
  9. Correlative vs. Subordinate Correlative Conjunctions

Second Quarter download

  1. Correct Form of Verbs
  2. Sentence Order (Natural and Inverted)
  3. Subject – Verb Agreement
  4. Collective Nouns
  5. Kinds of Adjectives
  6. Making Proper Adjectives from Proper Nouns
  7. Order of Adjectives
  8. Degrees of Adjectives

Third Quarter

  1. Prepositions
  2. Imperative and Declarative Sentences
  3. Sentences that gives information instructions and directions
  4. Identifying grammatical Errors in Sentences
  5. Types of Sentence According to Use

Fourth Quarther

  1. Compound Sentence
  2. Using Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentences
  3. Relationships of Ideas in Compound Sentences
  4. Sentence Patters
  5. Independent and Dependent Clauses
  6. Kinds of Sentence According to Structure

Final Quarter

  1. Confusing Prepositions
  2. Homophones
  3. Using Correct Punctuations in Sentences
  4. Review on the Kinds of Sentences According to Use

Daily Lesson Log – Language Grade 6 (25 items)

First Quarter download

  1. Plural Form of Regular and Irregular Nouns
  2. Tenses of Verbs (Perfect and Simple)
  3. Progressive Tense of Verbs (Progressive / Perfect Progressive)
  4. Modals
  5. Pronoun – Antecedent
  6. Subject – Verb Agreement

Second Quarter

  1. Degrees of Adjectives (Regular and Irregular)
  2. Sequence of Adjectives
  3. Adverbs of Frequency and Degrees
  4. Adverbs of Manner, Pace and Time
  5. Prepositions
  6. Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions

Third Quarter

  1. Asking Permission through Questions
  2. Synonyms
  3. Statements and Questions
  4. Declarative and Interrogative Sentences
  5. Kinds of Sentences According to Use

Fourth Quarter

  1. Kinds of Simple Sentences
  2. Coordinating Conjunctions in Compound Sentence
  3. Independent Clauses
  4. Subordinating Conjunctions in Complex Sentence
  5. Independent and Dependent Clauses

Final Quarter

  1. Gerunds and its Functions
  2. Infinitives
  3. Kinds of Sentences According to Structure

Stories and Fables (15 items – more to publish) 

Spice up your classes with stories and fables. These are modified documents to suit needs.

  • Frog in boiling water
  • The good samaritan

Interactive Games (50 items – more to publish) 

These games are original concept and some are common games but with a tweak which you can gain idea from and even create of your own.

  • The ABC
  • Hide and Seek
  • The dog jumping

Sample Works

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