A Must Have Teachers Daily Lesson Guide

As teachers of the 21st century, we are aiming for a more interactive lesson to our students to cope up with their interest and effectivity in learning. In my years of experience as an English teacher, it’s been a challenge for me to find activities that suit the learning styles of my students in varied ways. 

teachers daily lesson guide

Teachers Daily Lesson Guide is a lesson organizer for teachers who feel challenged and motivated to get the target competencies for their lessons with timeliness. Daily lesson logs (with fun activities), weekly and quarterly test questions, visual materials are organized to help you come out with the best learning output.

In this page we’ve listed all of our daily lesson log list which I’ve made to teach my students. It is focus mainly in English Language and Reading. There are several topics in this page and it’s lengthy, so you can just directly search (ctrl-F) to find keywords of the topic you are searching.

It is grouped into 4 main categories:

  • Daily Lesson Log (DLL’s)
  • Test Questions (TQ’s)
  • Stories and Fables
  • Interactive Games

If you are interested and need it for your consumption, you can order it from us, contact us here. Additional perks for our clients for buying:

  1. You can send us your questions via email to coks@pepsncoks.com 
  2. Free updates to the future revisions

How it works:

  1. Browse our sample DLL works here in teachers-haven.pepsncoks.com
  2. If you like our work and wish to order, just contact us here
  3. Send us screenshot of your payment receipt
  4. We will acknowledge and prepare your ordered materials
  5. A special link will be sent to your email address containing the zip download and is unique per customer

Payment Methods:

  • GCash (available via 7/11)
  • PayMaya (available via 7/11)
  • Paypal for local and international parties


We suggest to buy the DLL’s and TQ’s all at once since they are inter-related. All topics in zip file covers the topics enumerated in DLL page and in TQ page for a price of Php500.oo only.

Note: These DLL materials are intellectual property of the author. You may not distribute or publish a copy of it online.